Review of the Film Rajneeti (Politics)

I remember the first time an e-mail blew up in my face. I wrote two sentences that included factual information and the other person assumed I was accusing her of not doing her job. She wrote back a snippy response and before I knew it, war have been declared. After we met one on one and brought up it, she confessed she was creating a bad day and took dramatic license by having in sarcasm as she read my words. I had an apology to generate, too. I didn’t realize how important it was to her that I began which has a personalized comment for example, “Good morning, Lisa!” It made my e-mails seem more human and less accusatory.

Although the Republicans aren’t really responsible for our country’s problems either, though they want to remove all government benefits for Medicare and Social Security. They have their strong points, nearly as much as Democrats do! What we should get is to make america a legal Non-Partisan country, that you can’t just pull on that straight-ticket lever, so that people will actually have to do research! Our problems won’t come from the government, but by the people who create our government, that you, you as in “You, the viewer”, may partly lead to.

Now then, what if I were to tell you that I know many individuals this way? Do you want to know their secret? Well, it is relatively simple really, you see they are fully aware with the cheats, liars, and those that compete of their realm without integrity, however they do not complain much about this, sure they recognize it and mention it once in a while. But, it only fires them up more, gives them more commitment and dedication. It becomes a positive in their strength of character, honor, and can to persevere. By the way, I am one that holds that motto, and I uphold it. So can you!

Illegal immigration has developed into a rampant problem and say otherwise will be a gross distortion from the truth. Politicians in 10 states have voiced their approval and willingness to give similar legislation, if possible, in the future. Many are looking towards Arizona as their “guinea pig” due to bordering proximity to Mexico. Arizona Border Control apprehended over 200,000 persons wanting to enter the country illegally in 2008 which is estimated that for each and every one successful apprehension, 2 more flourish in crossing. Who are we to state what the situation is much like on an every day basis in Arizona? I don’t live there, so I can’t fault them for looking to create a solution to deal with their growing problems. If you take a look at the statistics, you will recognize that Arizonians use a higher favorability rating in the bill compared to the rest of America. They are the ones dealing with the crippling economic and drug impact every day – and Arizonians are overwhelming in favor of it. Once again, the liberal media has spun this into one big giant controversy. I guess they didn’t see the new independently researched FoxNews poll showing that 68% of Americans need to wait and find out how this works ahead of the partisan fighting begins.

Okay so, would you date a Republican? Well, no problem we are even because I am not at all bit considering a left-leaning socialist driven liberal lady either. Can you see what I am saying here? The other day, I was at Starbucks and talking to a gal who’d gotten there early found a seat and sat down observing. She told me she met someone on the web and was going to check if they were Mr. Right, although she really hoped they’d be Mr. Left, I think.

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